Another Day…

It was just another day when my husband planned to be home. Last night, I strongly suggested  that he may want to go into his office and catch up or get ahead, while things were relatively quiet with his job. It is between terms, and the students are gone for another week or so. Once the new term begins, things get a bit crazy.

This morning, it looked as though he were going to stay home. Thank goodness, around mid-morning he remembered some correspondence that needed his attention. It is not easy to ask your life partner to just go away…to stay home another day. Just not today.



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Proofreading 101 – The Ultimate List of Things to Edit For – The White Corner Creative…

Proofreading basics…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog


Proofreading is a vital part of writing a blog post, and if you create your own list of things to edit for it can also be one of the easiest.

Source: Proofreading 101 – The Ultimate List of Things to Edit For – The White Corner Creative

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Buying ISBNs?

Saw this on Don’s site. It caught my eye because I never thought about how ISBNs get assigned to books. Check out this post to learn more.


Originally posted on Lit World Interviews: Your book’s ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is the 10 or 13 digit number assigned to every published book, and identifies things like edition, publisher and physical properties. Each particular edition of any published book has to have its own unique number, so you can’t use the same number…

via Should You Buy Your Own ISBN Numbers? — Don Massenzio’s Blog

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Advertise Your Book

A place to advertise your book(s)… Maybe this is right for you!

A Writer's Path

letters (1)

A Writer’s Path is open for authors to advertise their books. I’m also accepting advertisements on The Book Review Directory and All Romance Reads.

I’m an author, and I know firsthand how difficult it can be to get the word out about your book. If you’re frustrated with your book sales, consider advertising here.

For those of you who are authors, indie or traditionally published, there is an option to advertise your book here on this website. There are several options, including the sidebar book cover images that you see on either side of this post.

For more information, check out the advertising info page.

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Are you new to blogging? Here is a place, provided through WordPress, to share one of your first blogs. Using WordPress’s various facilities can help you build your audience, improve your skills, and get to know others who participate in Daily Post challenges. But why should I say more when the link below explains it all?

<a href=””></a>

Good luck!


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And So, I Sketched

Friday was slipping by so quickly that I felt as though I were in a whirlwind vortex of time, fast-forwarding to a nebulous future. And so, to slow the progression to a pace I could comprehend, I picked up a pencil and artist tile, flicked through some photos, and settled on an image of a simple, lone poppy. 

As I drew, I thought about using it as a basis for a Zentangle, but became too involved with shading and fluting of petals… In short, I realized that the simple flower was best left as it is, representing the complexity of my life within its simple organization. 

Just goes to show: even simple sketching can be meditative.

Uncomplicate your life.


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My Weekly Writing Challenge

Sharing more Esther Newton writing challenges. Enjoy!


Looking for a new writing challenge? Here are my latest challenges for you:

OPTION ONE: Write a fifteen-word story with the words WINNER, FROZEN and ELIXIR in it somewhere.

OPTION TWO: Write a poem or limerick on the theme of DECEPTION.

OPTION THREE: Your word is DRAMA. What does the word mean to you? Acting on stage? A TV drama? Or making a mountain out of a molehill? Your piece of writing can be fiction or truth, or a mixture of the two; it’s up to you.

You had two weeks in which to complete the previous challenges. Here’s a reminder for you:

OPTION ONE: Write a six-word story with the word FLABBERGASTED in it somewhere.

OPTION TWO: Write a poem or limerick on the theme of DAYDREAMS.

OPTION THREE: Your word is SPORT. What does sport mean to you? Being part of a team? Drive? Ambition? Or does the…

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So I drew what I call a “coloring book” drawing of a pansy on a artist tile. Next, I stared at it for several minutes, waiting for inspiration to come–which patterns to select for which part of the flower. Nothing. Zip. Nada, rien, nichevo. I reached for my box of mini-tiles and pulled about a dozen patterns that could be used for filling in spaces. The inner dark pseudo-leaves were easy enough to decide on–Printemps and the berries of the Bronx Cherry pattern are nice, dark, “small space” fillers. But the lighter outer leaves still made me pause for a while; because how could I use the full patterns and still maintain the fluttery dimensions of the petals? For the first petal, I chose wrongly, attempting to force Echoism into the envisioned curves–which of course did not work. The other petal patterns worked better, but I was already a bit frustrated by that first error, and I lost my concentration. 

As I doodled along, I began to think about my life. How many times had I either forced some idea or image on myself that really was not part of who I am? And how did the earlier forced images affect later decisions, which also seemed wrong? Am I just one of those people who never makes the right life choices? And, if so, why do I make these choices? Did I make them for myself and only for myself? Or were many of my choices influenced by what others wanted or expected of me? 

In the end, as I began shading my tile, I realized that the only thing to do is to continue trying to make the best of what gifts I have, and to continue to move toward a direction I can feel good about. Daily, I see improvement in my drawings (yesterday I managed to draw a recognizable likeness of one of my cats–not just any cat, but clearly of him!) and, to an extent, with my writing (the stuff I don’t usually share). Daily, I can get myself a little farther from my home (a touch of agoraphobia since the death of my mother six months ago). Most days, I add one more thing to my daily regimen that is healthier for me (eating more regularly, choosing better foods, exercising just a tad more, finding “feel good” movies and books, etc.). So, I feel that I am improving–maybe not as quickly as I would like, but there is clear progress. 

Who knows? Maybe by this time next year I will feel fully good about myself and my life choices again. 

Until tomorrow, happy tangling and happy writing!


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Monday Motivations

This week’s writing challenge from Esther Newton’s blog…


Last week, I set you a challenge. You certainly took it up, with several of you sending me your wonderful takes on the writing prompt. Here’s this week’s challenge for you:

You have up to 200 words in which to write a story with the following two lines in it somewhere:

I hadn’t thought that would happen. So what was I going to do now?

Now for last week’s challenge where you had the following writing writing prompt:

This was a matter of life or death.

Here are your fantastic pieces:

It’s a pleasure to welcome Simon Farnell to the challenge for the first time. Click on the following link to read his story:

Please click on the following link to read Helen Jones‘ super story:

Rajiv Chopra:

Frodo and Sam both loved Mary Jane Parker. There was a problem in this. They were best friends…

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Another Day…

It’s just another day…when the weather smothers the immediate world like a heavy, damp, itchy wool blanket. Breathing is hard; limbs refuse to move; mind floats just out of reach on wavy heated layers of air. The enveloping wetness smells sour. The sun is a weight pinning the torso into a sandy towel; it sears the skin and blisters the length of one’s nose. 

Ah! A faint movement of air (real? imagined?); it carries hope: the scorching sun will ease its torment and caress the body with breezy fingers. Perhaps this instant; perhaps on another day.

The air stirs now–just a hint of breezy relief. Is it enough to lure one out of the shade of a paper parasol for a giant’s cocktail, to the balmy ruffled ribbons of tiny warm waves lapping languidly at the crushed shell shore?


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