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Role of Technology is Spurring Student Achievement, Supporting Education Reform Efforts

Today’s U.S. Department of Education Daily Digest Bulletin in my inbox included a link to an educational event. Few of us will make it to Aspen to attend, but here are the highlights of one session addressing the role of technology … Continue reading

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Free Professional Development on Technology in Education

Here is a great way to get some free professional development on technology uses in education. There is even a lot of helpful information for parents and simply people interested in learning more about technology. Be aware that you will … Continue reading

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U.S. Department of Education Provides Guidance to Help School Bus Drivers Combat Bullying | U.S. Department of Education

According to the U.S. Department of Education, school bus drivers don’t feel they have the skills or knowledge to deal with bulling behaviors on the part of the riders. According to the National Association for Pupil Transportation, materials were published … Continue reading

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High School and College Dropout: A Report from ETS and an Interview with Bill Gates

Earlier, I came across a post from ETS in LinkedIn. The post pointed to an article in the Chronicle of Higher Education that was an interview with Bill Gates on college dropout. At the end of the article was a … Continue reading

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