7 More NCLB Waivers Approved by Obama Adminstration


New to my inbox this afternoon is this announcement:

Obama Administration Approves Seven More NCLB Flexibility Requests – 32 States and DC Now Approved for Waivers

07/19/2012 09:11 AM EDT

The Obama administration today approved seven more requests for waivers from No Child Left Behind (NCLB), in exchange for state-developed plans to prepare all students for college and career, focus aid on the neediest students, and support effective teaching and leadership.

Read more by clicking on the title above or using this URL:  http://www.ed.gov/news/press-releases/obama-administration-approves-seven-more-nclb-flexibility-requests-32-states-and

If you do not want to read the announcement, here is a synopsis of which states’ plans have been most recently approved, which are still in the approval process, and which have not applied for the waivers.

The 6 states approved are  Arizona, Kansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Oregon and South Carolina. The 7th plan is for the District of Columbia. Still in the approval process are California, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, and Nevada. The 13 states that have not yet applied for the waiver are Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont (request withdrawn), West Virginia and Wyoming. Puerto Rico has also not applied for the waiver.

To me, that the vast majority of states have requested waivers from NCLB indicate that, although the idea of NCLB was sound, the enacted legislation had major flaws. Part of the reason for the difficulty in implementation is that the law was enacted with too little input from educators. The waivers reflect not only sound local (state) plans, but greater flexibility for change, should the need arise.



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