Intro to Poetry: Day 7

Topic: Flavor

Suggested form: Found Poetry

Today is one with little time left for personal pursuits. Found Poetry, or recreating words, phrases, sentences, verse lines from one or many available sources to create a new poem using these, … well, I just don’t have the time to research and cobble today. So I will keep things short. 

My poem about flavor:

Vanilla Ice Cream

Cool and creamy–

hint of nougat,

pin dots of vanilla bean,

sugar bursts suspended in cream–

melt together

on the desert

of my summer tongue.

Heaven in a waffled cone.


About DrEMiller

Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). Home: Sint Maarten. K-12 teacher for 13 years (Special Education for 10 years); Post-secondary educator since 2002; Education consulting since 1995. When teaching, held teaching certificates in K-12 special education, reading specialist; and secondary social studies. Doctorate: Educational Psychology Programmer/analyst for 10 years, including project management and training of corporate execs.
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1 Response to Intro to Poetry: Day 7

  1. kailinskj says:

    Hey! I nominated you for the 3 Day Quote Challenge! It’s a fun little thing to do, here are the rules if you’d like to do it.
    Vanilla ice cream is my favorite 🙂

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