My Weekly Writing Challenge

Today’s Weekly Writing Challenge from Esther Newton has some interesting twists. Enjoy some of the writing from last week’s challenge, too. Have fun!
Thank you, Esther, for another great opportunity to tease one’s writing skills!

Esther Chilton

Looking for a writing challenge? Here are three for you:

OPTION ONE: Write a fifteen-word story with the words THUNDER, TRUMP and TIARA in it somewhere.

OPTION TWO: Write a poem or limerick on the theme of SORROW.

OPTION THREE: Your word of the week is the MUSIC. What does that mean to you? A song from your childhood? Learning to play an instrument? Going to a concert? Your piece can be fact or fiction. 

I really enjoyed your entries from last week:

OPTION ONE was to write a fifteen-word story with the words WICKED, WRITER and WAR in it somewhere.

Junglegirldiaries was quick to get a brilliant story in:

A writer she will be but then a war so wicked rages in her soul.

Rajiv Chopra is topical:

That wicked writer strongly urged Don and Hillary to wage war on our common sense.

A lesson in alliteration from Bindu:

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