Monday Motivations

It’s Monday, so it’s a new Monday Motivations from Esther Newton. Enjoy!
Thank you, Esther! You keep us on our toes!

Esther Chilton

A lot of you said last week’s challenge had you stumped, so here’s an easier one to gently guide you into the week:

Write a poem or story on the following prompt:


Here is your challenge from last week:

And to think he’d thought it was a bomb. No, it was something far worse.

I’m keeping Rajiv Chopra on his toes, in his Mary Jane series, but he didn’t let me down and came up with something excellent. I love the last line:

His knees seemed to creak as he rose. Damn, he thought. I ain’t old, so why do these bloody things creak? It had to be all the injuries he had been through. But he, The Joker, was indestructible. How could his knees creak? Damn. Damn, damn and damnation. He was becoming predictable, and this could not be allowed. That damn Batman. He thought that he, The…

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