Monday Motivations

I’m a bit late in reposting Esther Newton’s Monday Motivations, but here it is. Enjoy!
Esther, thank you for another great challenge!


I hope the start of a new week is going well for you. Here’s a little challenge for you:

Write a story or poem on the theme of thecold. It doesn’t have to be about the weather; you can interpret the theme any way you like.

Last week’s challenge was for you to write a poem or story on the theme of autumn with the following words somewhere in your piece:

  • Red
  • Goldfish
  • Mustard

Here are your entertaining pieces:

Richard Mantell sent in a poignant story:

Autumn Sighs

The words of the song ran around in his head.  It had been released so many years ago and yet even now it buried itself deep into the very marrow of his soul.  Now here, walking amongst the falling leaves and crying trees, it seemed even more cutting.  Forever Autumn by Justin Hayward.  Released on Jeff Wayne’s War of The…

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