Monday Motivations

Before I miss Monday altogether, here is Esther Newton’s Monday Motivations. Write on!!
Thank you, Esther, for another wonderful motivation!

Esther Chilton

Doesn’t Monday come round quickly?! Here’s a new writing challenge for you:

Write a story or poem on any of the following themes:

  • Misery
  • Sleep
  • Gold

Last week’s themes were as follows:

  • Disaster
  • Love
  • Silence

Here are your stories and poems:

Robert Griffiths has a great tale to tell:

Silence 1973

“Are you English?”

A crackled, Scottish-Swedish accented voice was asking me. I answered with my usual politeness.

“What’s that got to do with you?”

The man asking me was of medium height with blond scraggy beard and even blonder and scraggier hair.

“My name is Rolf,” he said.

“What’s yours?” his throaty voice enquired.

We were standing in the middle of a bright, white and sparkling snow-covered square. I had just completed my first year living in Stockholm. He reminded me of “the Slipper of the yard”.

I answered, “Mind your own business.”

He looked at me…

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