Dumbing Us Down by John Taylor Gatto– Book Review by Jonathan Pinedo

I haven’t read this book, but this book review puts it at the top of my non-fiction reading list.
Will you be reading it, too?

Race, Class and Ethnicity in American History

These days, it is popular to declare that American education is “broken,” that kids do not receive the proper education, and that many of them are dropping out of school. But some people believe that the answer to some of these problems is just to have more schooling, not less. John Gatto, a teacher for more than 30 years and winner of the New York City and New York State Teacher of the Year awards opposes this principle and actually says we should have less school, not more. He asserts that American education actually works perfectly for what it was designed to do. It was designed to create a docile, friendly workforce to meet the growing needs of corporate capitalism. It ensures a workforce that will rely on corporate institutions for their income, stimulation and self-esteem and will learn to find meaning in their lives solely in the production and…

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Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). Home: Sint Maarten. K-12 teacher for 13 years (Special Education for 10 years); Post-secondary educator since 2002; Education consulting since 1995. When teaching, held teaching certificates in K-12 special education, reading specialist; and secondary social studies. Doctorate: Educational Psychology Programmer/analyst for 10 years, including project management and training of corporate execs.
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