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Online Learning Source for Fall 2012

This item showed up in my inbox today. There is information related to professional development, continuing education, use of social network tools in education, and much more. If you use technology to learn or teach, the VHS Collaborative offers a … Continue reading

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Affect and Effect | The Daily Post at

For all the writers and students out there, the use of the word “affect” when the meaning is “effect” is a personal peeve. When I’m reading, I often have to stop to figure out if the right word has been … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Teaching/Management:
Always Learning Something As you enter the room, those already there watch you; they learn something about your professionalism, your openness, your style, your desire to be there, your energy. As you scan the room before…

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How to Inspire Your Students to Read this Summer | Edutopia

This blog is from Edutopia, a supported by the  George Lucas Educational Foundation. Whether you are a parent or a teacher, this particular post  is a great source for getting students to keep reading during the summer. In general, Edutopia … Continue reading

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Teacher Talk: Assessment of Science Education with Technology

The post from Teacher Talk emphases the importance of science skills learned and still to be mastered in our nation’s schools. Digital technology helps students learn, but technology can also be used to assess learning. In science, the use of … Continue reading

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Thirty-seven Words

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance. Thirty-seven words. Yet these words “forever altered our high schools and colleges for the better.” Click on the link above to … Continue reading

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Going Public: The Simplest Approach to Mobile Security — THE Journal

If your school is considering using mobile technology as part of the curriculum, it is probably worried about over-the-air-waves security. This article discusses how to reduce the risk of invasion of privacy for mobile technology. The article is from several … Continue reading

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Leaders and Teachers ‘Go the Extra Mile’ to Transform Milwaukee’s Hamilton High

In an era when teachers are fired and schools are vilified, here is a wonderful story of how one school changed its image, its vision, and its educational environment to pull an inner-city school out of the doldrums. And it’s … Continue reading

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Legislation Enacted to Promote Virtual Education in RI | Digital Learning Now

Rhode Island received support to develop and maintain online/virtual education for students because it sees a need  to achieve specific objectives, including: – Standard criteria that ensure virtual courses and content for K-12 students are aligned with state content standards; … Continue reading

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An English Lesson from Miami-Dade County Schools

Some time ago, I reposted from a blogger who discussed teachable moments in critical thinking with technology, and used an English class as the topic. Well, the next day I saw a news item linked by Teaching Tolerance about a Miami-Dade … Continue reading

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