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The Break of Dawn and Descriptive Dissonance

In a book I’m reading–Wicked Appetite, by  Janet Evanovich– I came across the following passage.  The sky was growing brighter by the minute with the promise of sunrise… It made me think about sunrise here on our tiny island of … Continue reading

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Caribbean Colbert 2.0

Some cats are just meant to be drawn over and over. That’s my handsome Colbert. For months, Colbert’s portraiture has been eluding me. Yesterday’s drawing showed promise and got me closer to capturing his personality than ever before. The truth: … Continue reading

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DrEllie’s Turn–A New Writing Challenge

Lately, it seems to me that every blogger I have followed for several years has turned to creating writing challenges of one sort or another. Whether to challenge themselves or to simply and genuinely challenge others, or even to try … Continue reading

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Falling Behind

It has been several days since I posted anything more than a Zentangle. It is not that I have been too busy to write. Rather, I feel as though I am reacting to the languidity of the local weather–torpid, oppressive, … Continue reading

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Two things amazed me today. The first was that I was able to salvage a Zentangled tile from when I was playing around with brush pen markers. The second was the response I get when I re-post other bloggers’ helpful … Continue reading

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Turn 45 Degrees…

After botching up several attempts at Day 18 in One Zentangle a Day, I decided to change my perspective. So, I started by turning my tile 45 degrees. Instantly, I got an idea to do something a little different with … Continue reading

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Moving On

Today, even though my hands were tremulous, I decided to do one last Zentangle or a ZIA. Hopefully, the tremor is temporary and my hands will be steady again in a few days. If not, well… I still have time … Continue reading

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While messing around with Day 15’s three tangles–Yincut, Locar, and Verdigogh–I got an idea that would also include the three patterns from Day 14–Dyon, Chainging, and Keeko. It’s not a Zentangle, nor Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA); but I think I … Continue reading

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Reflected Shadow?

In art, we have all heard about reflected light–that indirect light that is reflected from the surfaces around the subject of a drawing or painting, but that is not part of the light source shining directly on the object. In … Continue reading

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Bilateral Thinking

That is what I call this tile: Bilateral Thinking. Not sure why, except that there is almost a yin-yang effect, with one half more romanticized and the other more geometric and straight-forward.  As was a previously posted tile, this Zenangle is … Continue reading

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