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Fooling Around

Some days are for simply fooling around. While I am “in the mood,” I thought I would pre-string a few Zentangle tiles. And maybe finally try out those brush pens I ordered. Break some rules for days when I can’t … Continue reading

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Bilateral Thinking

That is what I call this tile: Bilateral Thinking. Not sure why, except that there is almost a yin-yang effect, with one half more romanticized and the other more geometric and straight-forward.  As was a previously posted tile, this Zenangle is … Continue reading

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From Edutopia via My Inbox: Free Workshop!

  Found this in my inbox today, and thought I would share. Sounds like an interesting workshop! And the articles aren’t bad, either! Free Workshop! July 30 – August 31 Register for our upcoming five-week online workshop. It features tools, … Continue reading

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