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Zentangle Posts Moving…

Some of you have been following this blog for reasons other than blogging. Some of you seem to enjoy the posts involving the art and meditation (and sometimes critique) of ZentangleĀ®. For the tanglers among you, I would like to … Continue reading

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What is Zentangle?

Lately, as I view Zentangle tiles and artwork shared on the Zentangle Mosaic app, I find myself once again asking, What is Zentangle?  Is Zentangle an art form? Is it a meditative process? Is it a creative process? Is it a … Continue reading

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Anniversary: A Meditation on Blogging

As I was preparing to Zentangle yesterday, I thought about a message posted to my notices by WordPress.  According to WordPress, I first registered my blog six years ago yesterday. That doesn’t sound like very long. In fact, I can’t … Continue reading

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Breaking My Creative Block

Nothing was motivating me for several weeks. Nothing original was coming, and the idea of meditative Zentangling just made me more anxious. Couldn’t write, either. All I did was reblog a few posts I thought followers would be interested in … Continue reading

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A Post about Zentangle from My Other Blog

Today, I posted on my  other blog site. The post isn’t about writing, unless you count an example of poor writing. Instead, it is sort of about how I got into Zentangling. If you have followed my blog for a while, … Continue reading

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Forecast: Partly Cloudy, Chance of EerieĀ 

It was that kind of day.  It started off well enough– sleep hadn’t eluded me, so I awoke well-rested and smiling. Physical therapy went splendidly, leaving my body more relaxed than it had been for quite some time. Instead of … Continue reading

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Zentangle: A Bit of History

Zentangle is only twelve years old, according to a 2013 story in a local Worcester, MA, article.  [http://m.golocalworcester.com/lifestyle/maria-thomas-and-rick-roberts-zentangles-a-worldwide-phenomenon/]. The article talks about “just nine short years ago.” Using some quick subtraction from the publication date of the item, I came up … Continue reading

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Draw, Erase, Shade, Erase…

Lots of new toys arrived in yesterday’s parcel delivery. Two books I ordered from Amazon over a month ago were finally published and shipped. The Official Zentangle beginner’s kit ordered from Zentangle.com arrived, along with the book Zentangle Primer. And … Continue reading

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Learning and Gemstone Art

After a busier-than-average Saturday, I found sleep elusive. For several weeks, Zentangle artists have been posting drawings to the Mosaic app of beautiful gemstones. At first, I thought they were gluing gems–loose or set–to their tangle tiles. The comment sections … Continue reading

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A Tuesday Tangle

Today, I spent a lot of time waiting for people to show up–propane delivery, air conditioning repair person… Propane didn’t show, and bad news from the A/C man. But lots of time to calm down with Zentangling.  Meditation is good … Continue reading

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