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Breaking My Creative Block

Nothing was motivating me for several weeks. Nothing original was coming, and the idea of meditative Zentangling just made me more anxious. Couldn’t write, either. All I did was reblog a few posts I thought followers would be interested in … Continue reading

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Learning and Gemstone Art

After a busier-than-average Saturday, I found sleep elusive. For several weeks, Zentangle artists have been posting drawings to the Mosaic app of beautiful gemstones. At first, I thought they were gluing gems–loose or set–to their tangle tiles. The comment sections … Continue reading

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Fooling Around

Some days are for simply fooling around. While I am “in the mood,” I thought I would pre-string a few Zentangle tiles. And maybe finally try out those brush pens I ordered. Break some rules for days when I can’t … Continue reading

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The 10-day class called Introduction to Poetry is finally over. Until I take another class, I can catch my breath. For me, although the course was fun, it was extremely time-consuming. Perhaps because of that, I realize now that I … Continue reading

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Just Playing

Day 28 of One Zentangle a Day makes me think of scribbles. Scribbles is something we do to play when we are sitting reasonably still. Lots of scribbles are curvy. Since today’s Zentangle patterns are very curvy, I figure it’s … Continue reading

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If I Were a Real Writer…

If I were a real writer, I would be writing every day. No, I would be writing dozens of times each day.  I don’t.  Write each day, that is.  I write when a) the mood strikes me; b) I have something … Continue reading

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What’s All This Writing 101 Stuff?!?

Hi, Followers and Fellow Bloggers! If you have read posts on this site in the past, you are probably wondering what all this Day X, Assignment, Writing101 stuff is, and why it’s on this education issues site.  And the answer is: … Continue reading

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On Special Education: “Disability.gov Update: Education Department Announces Major Change in How State Special Ed Programs Are Evaluated”

Here is the link to the topic that has truly upset me: Disability.gov Update: Education Department Announces Major Change in How State Special Ed Programs Are Evaluated. And here’s my commentary. I have not been a fan of Arne Duncan … Continue reading

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Technology-Attention Disorder Link?

A St Maarten friend posted the blog link below on Facebook, and that got me thinking… What is the link between attention disorders and electronic gadgetry such as tablet devices and smart phones? To quickly summarize, Margaret Rock’s post addresses … Continue reading

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Dangerous Speakers | Teacher Talk (Dyslexia and other Reading Disabilities)

Good educators are always seeking new information–whether that information is to learn better ways of serving their students, learn more about a topic or technique, follow how the latest research-based techniques are working elsewhere, etc. To good educators, an 8-hour … Continue reading

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