What’s All This Writing 101 Stuff?!?

Hi, Followers and Fellow Bloggers!

If you have read posts on this site in the past, you are probably wondering what all this Day X, Assignment, Writing101 stuff is, and why it’s on this education issues site.  And the answer is: it was purely accidental that I ended up using this site to publish writing class projects from Word Press’s Bloggers U.  Once I started here, it was too much of a hassle to change to a different–or even a new–site.  Then I thought, Hmm…this is like teaching by example–bad example, but example nevertheless. So there actually is an educational connection here: how to go from novice writer (and the class truly is about writing and not blogging) to a less novice writer in 4 intense weeks of assignments.

To be honest, I find that I’m exposing various aspects of both myself and the learning process through this class and this blog site. I’m sharing a new hobby which a month ago I really and truly believed I had no talent for; what goes through my mind when I write; what and how I think about people and society, as well as education; in short, I’m baring my soul and giving you an indication of what might be happening in some students’ minds.

Self-confidence is  not part of my make-up, and it sort of unnerved me to post my first writing assignment.  But I am not perfect, have never been perfect, will never be perfect, do not aspire to be perfect; and all my imperfections help me learn about myself.  I hope they help you learn about some of the students you teach.


About DrEMiller

Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). Home: Sint Maarten. K-12 teacher for 13 years (Special Education for 10 years); Post-secondary educator since 2002; Education consulting since 1995. When teaching, held teaching certificates in K-12 special education, reading specialist; and secondary social studies. Doctorate: Educational Psychology Programmer/analyst for 10 years, including project management and training of corporate execs.
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4 Responses to What’s All This Writing 101 Stuff?!?

  1. DrEMiller says:

    Princess Joy: 🙂

  2. Me not being a writer, but wanting to learn to write better, feels a little self-conscious of my writing ability. But, oh well, that’s the only way I will learn and get better.

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