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Another reblog: Ways to Portray a Character’s Interest

Here is a list of ways to portray a character’s interest, from writer/blogger Nicholas C. Rossis. Enjoy!  http://nicholasrossis.me/2016/11/02/emotional-beats-ways-to-portray-interest/

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Anniversary: A Meditation on Blogging

As I was preparing to Zentangle yesterday, I thought about a message posted to my notices by WordPress.  According to WordPress, I first registered my blog six years ago yesterday. That doesn’t sound like very long. In fact, I can’t … Continue reading

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Breaking My Creative Block

Nothing was motivating me for several weeks. Nothing original was coming, and the idea of meditative Zentangling just made me more anxious. Couldn’t write, either. All I did was reblog a few posts I thought followers would be interested in … Continue reading

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When a Teenager?

While reading Vampire Games by J.R. Rain, a phrase caught my attention–not because it was especially unusual or even well-written, but because it got me wondering about how we use certain words. The clause was “…still three years shy of being … Continue reading

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Caribbean Colbert 2.0

Some cats are just meant to be drawn over and over. That’s my handsome Colbert. For months, Colbert’s portraiture has been eluding me. Yesterday’s drawing showed promise and got me closer to capturing his personality than ever before. The truth: … Continue reading

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Writing for Readers

Often, when I pick up a book that is part of an already published series, I tend to read one book after another. Sometimes, this works well, as it does not give me time to forget characters or events that … Continue reading

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Falling Behind

It has been several days since I posted anything more than a Zentangle. It is not that I have been too busy to write. Rather, I feel as though I am reacting to the languidity of the local weather–torpid, oppressive, … Continue reading

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Why Allow Re-blogging?

Re-blogging and other sharing options are important to getting and maintaining blog readership. Re-blog is a powerful tool. Only recently have I come to appreciate the power of allowing my posts to be shared by others. Along the way, I have also learned other things that may be helpful to WordPress bloggers. So I am sharing my thoughts on sharing options. Continue reading

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Blogging Fundamentals: Day 11 – “Nightmare”

What happened to Day 10? Somewhere, I lost my way. Timely prompt, that: Nightmare. Today’s assignment is to use the inspirational prompt posted on WordPress’ Daily Post page, where you can get inspiration for blogging or writing (usually one word … Continue reading

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What the…?

It’s so frustrating!  Those are not the words I typed–or tried to.  It happens on my laptop, but not nearly as much or as often as on my phone or tablet. I type one word, the program changes it to … Continue reading

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