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If I Were a Real Writer…

If I were a real writer, I would be writing every day. No, I would be writing dozens of times each day.  I don’t.  Write each day, that is.  I write when a) the mood strikes me; b) I have something … Continue reading

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Birth of a Genre

Keep March 1, 2015, open.  There is something new and wonderful arising on that day. Much time has passed since I’ve sat at my computer or iPad or smartphone to post words that will be seen by so few people … Continue reading

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On Special Education: “ Update: Education Department Announces Major Change in How State Special Ed Programs Are Evaluated”

Here is the link to the topic that has truly upset me: Update: Education Department Announces Major Change in How State Special Ed Programs Are Evaluated. And here’s my commentary. I have not been a fan of Arne Duncan … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Why “Hello world!” ??  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s the title chosen by the app for my first Worldpress post.  I started this blog a year and a half ago, and never returned to it.  Haven’t don’t as much blogging … Continue reading

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Rambling First Thoughts

On another site, I do a bit of professional blogging.  The blogging includes education topics (K-12 as well as postsecondary) and topics related to small businesses.  For this site, I would like to keep things on the personal side.  Who … Continue reading

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