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Attention Deficit? 

Couldn’t sleep last night.  Read a little. Drew a little.  Zoned out for a short while.  Drew a little. Brewed some coffee. Read a little. Sneezed a lot.  A cold. Oh, no! Brewed some tea. Tried to doze. Runny nose, … Continue reading

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Reflected Shadow?

In art, we have all heard about reflected light–that indirect light that is reflected from the surfaces around the subject of a drawing or painting, but that is not part of the light source shining directly on the object. In … Continue reading

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If I Were a Real Writer…

If I were a real writer, I would be writing every day. No, I would be writing dozens of times each day.  I don’t.  Write each day, that is.  I write when a) the mood strikes me; b) I have something … Continue reading

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Blogging 101, Day Four: Define Your Audience (and Embed Something of Interest)

The Audience The purpose of the Day Four assignment is to learn how to embellish your blog with outside resources that are attractive to your ideal audience.  My ideal audience is other people who are trying to learn to write, … Continue reading

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Today’s How I’m Learning to Write: Stream of Consciousness as a Very Rough Draft

…But that gives me plenty of time to write a stream-of-consciousness piece that I’ll develop into an actual post for the next submission. That means I’ll be editing out as well as adding and improving….I’m just trying to get words on “paper” that will give me some sort of shaky structure to the final product. Getting myself involved in a new business venture. Continue reading

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Just an Announcement

There are still a few slots available for the small private writer’s group. If anyone is interested in participating–passing around parts of works in progress AND critiquing others’ work in a private group of up to 10 people–please let me … Continue reading

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And Now, the Revised Version of “Today: First Draft”

…This is still not a perfect piece. However, I am not unhappy with it. … Continue reading

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The Way I Was Taught to Write and How I Am Improving That Process

… I should probably go back and shorten some sentences, make sure I didn’t say the same thing twice, etc. But I’ll save that for tomorrow or the next time I blog on my writing progress. That way you will be able to see what happens when I stop a “story” from taking over and go back and improve it. After all, what is the sense of sharing how I learn to write if I show you nothing but the finished process?… Continue reading

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