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While messing around with Day 15’s three tangles–Yincut, Locar, and Verdigogh–I got an idea that would also include the three patterns from Day 14–Dyon, Chainging, and Keeko. It’s not a Zentangle, nor Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIA); but I think I … Continue reading

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The Way I Was Taught to Write and How I Am Improving That Process

… I should probably go back and shorten some sentences, make sure I didn’t say the same thing twice, etc. But I’ll save that for tomorrow or the next time I blog on my writing progress. That way you will be able to see what happens when I stop a “story” from taking over and go back and improve it. After all, what is the sense of sharing how I learn to write if I show you nothing but the finished process?… Continue reading

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