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What is Zentangle?

Lately, as I view Zentangle tiles and artwork shared on the Zentangle Mosaic app, I find myself once again asking, What is Zentangle?  Is Zentangle an art form? Is it a meditative process? Is it a creative process? Is it a … Continue reading

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A Post about Zentangle from My Other Blog

Today, I posted on my  other blog site. The post isn’t about writing, unless you count an example of poor writing. Instead, it is sort of about how I got into Zentangling. If you have followed my blog for a while, … Continue reading

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Fooling Around

Some days are for simply fooling around. While I am “in the mood,” I thought I would pre-string a few Zentangle tiles. And maybe finally try out those brush pens I ordered. Break some rules for days when I can’t … Continue reading

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Note to Self:

So while the power was out–yet again!–there was time to finish a piece started days ago.  As I sat on the upstairs balcony one day with the sky sprinkling some water our way, I was inspired by the view of … Continue reading

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Bilateral Thinking

That is what I call this tile: Bilateral Thinking. Not sure why, except that there is almost a yin-yang effect, with one half more romanticized and the other more geometric and straight-forward.  As was a previously posted tile, this Zenangle is … Continue reading

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Trying New Things

This is a means of communication. No words, no great creativity. But I got some new toys and wanted to share the joy of something new. Oh, and to figure out what this doodle might be communicating.  For several weeks, … Continue reading

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Birth of a Genre

Keep March 1, 2015, open.  There is something new and wonderful arising on that day. Much time has passed since I’ve sat at my computer or iPad or smartphone to post words that will be seen by so few people … Continue reading

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More “Countdown” Activities from Digital Learning Day

I meant to post a series of lessons I received last night and today related to Digital Learning Day.  It’s just that I posted to the wrong blog!  Head on over to my other site and check out new activities … Continue reading

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Lisa Adams: Vicissitudes of Circumstance

A few months ago, Los Angeles artist Lisa Adams asked if I would mind reviewing her latest book. Titled Lisa Adams: Vicissitudes of Circumstance, and co-authored by the writers of the introductory essays (James Scarborough and Ezrha Jean Black), the book … Continue reading

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