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U.S. Labor Department Grant Opportunities re: Preparing Youth with Disabilities for Employment

  Below is a grant announcement that arrived in my inbox this morning. If you are interested in research to operationalize helping disabled youth prepare for employment, check out this site. Applications are due soon–August 17. US Labor Department announces … Continue reading

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Costs of Attending a Post-Secondary Institution–IPEDS “First Look”

Are you interested in seeing what college  costs are at all types of post-secondary Title IV institutions? The report below shows data from the Fall, 2011, data collection round by IPEDS–Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. This “first look” report is … Continue reading

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Genes and Educational Achievement: Nature or Nurture? The debate goes on

Although it seems that the Nature/Nurture argument has finally been settled, this study seems to indicate that nurture continues to be an important contributor to a student’s academic success. A student can have the right genetic indicators, but live in … Continue reading

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4th of July Post from The Nation’s Report Card

A Facebook post from The Nation’s Report Card proudly announced that 50% of 4th graders answered the following question correctly. My reaction is: ONLY 50%??!! We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they … Continue reading

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Legislation Enacted to Promote Virtual Education in RI | Digital Learning Now

Rhode Island received support to develop and maintain online/virtual education for students because it sees a need  to achieve specific objectives, including: – Standard criteria that ensure virtual courses and content for K-12 students are aligned with state content standards; … Continue reading

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College Affordability

Below is a link to a blog I just published elsewhere. There is another link to inside (and below) to the College Affordability and Transparency Center, maintained by the US Department of Education. Teacher Talk | a place for education … Continue reading

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Mindless TV (“Survivor”) versus Intelligent Shows (“Harry’s Law”): Money versus Quality?

While clicking through Facebook this morning, I came across another blogger supporting the effort to bring back Harry’s Law.  He blames it on the stupidity of the audience. Aaron’s TV Saver Blog may have it wrong, though. The audiences that still … Continue reading

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Rice and Klein on The State of American Education

Here’s a great little presentation by Condoleezza Rice and Joel Klein on the state America’s education. Dr. Rice talks about challenges of poor education for the military, while Chancellor Klein points out the need for providing good education for all … Continue reading

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Fixing Education: The Finnish Model

While reading through a New York Times Review of Books article that was recommended by Teaching Tolerance, I came across a link to the archived article below. Most educators, I think, have recognized that the USA has been losing ground … Continue reading

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