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Genes and Educational Achievement: Nature or Nurture? The debate goes on

Although it seems that the Nature/Nurture argument has finally been settled, this study seems to indicate that nurture continues to be an important contributor to a student’s academic success. A student can have the right genetic indicators, but live in … Continue reading

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Teach Plus: Closing the Curriculum Gap Is a Social Justice Issue

In the debate over how to improve public education, we should not lose sight of what we as teachers and schools are actually doing, of how are we educating our students and to what end. Strong performance on standardized tests … Continue reading

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Classroom Management–Part 6

Can the Internet, blogging, IMs, Texting, Chats, etc., be used as classroom management techniques? Yes. At least, that’s what I believe. But link to the site below. This post links, in turn, to an item from the Huffington Post (which … Continue reading

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