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Northern Arizona University and Pearson Partner to Launch Region’s First Competency-based Online Learning Programs

Although the blog below is clearly an advertisement for Pearson programs, the idea of competency-based programs that allow students to move at their own speeds or test out of a class altogether is more than interesting– is worthy of applause. … Continue reading

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Teach Plus: Closing the Curriculum Gap Is a Social Justice Issue

In the debate over how to improve public education, we should not lose sight of what we as teachers and schools are actually doing, of how are we educating our students and to what end. Strong performance on standardized tests … Continue reading

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“Common Core Makes Waves” in Education | Teacher Talk

In a blog site devoted solely to education, I reposted a blog on an attack against the Common Core of State Standards for education. Visit this site for more information: “Common Core Makes Waves” in Education | Teacher Talk. If … Continue reading

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