Digital Learning Day–only a week away

In one week, it will officially be Digital Learning Day!  Sponsored by the Alliance for Excellent Education, a Digital Town Hall will take place WednesdayFebruary 6from 1:00 – 2:30 p.m. (ET).  Join in at here, and attend here.  More information can be found on the event web site.

Teachers, bring your students along for the ride.

Parents, learn more about what teachers are learning, and support their digital efforts!

According to the organizers, “Educators who tune in will see promising practices in digital learning from across the country and be provided with an energetic program to help make the case for effective use of technology in education. Polling with mobile devices will be used to capture live impressions from viewers.”

Because the facilitator of learning–the teacher–continues influence and empower students, the more the teacher knows about digital advances and creates environments for their use, the more the student is empowered.  Says Bob Wise of the Alliance,

even with the best technology, in the end you still need a great teacher. And when technology is used properly, the teacher becomes even more important.

The facilitators of this event expand on these 5 reasons to participate:

1. Digital Learning is positive and inspirational.
2. Digital Learning empowers teachers.
3. Digital learning can connect teachers, librarians, and other educators to communities of practice…
4. Digital Learning Day is whatever you want it to be.
5. Digital learning empowers students to take ownership of their learning.

Among the free resources to help educators get a jump-start on digitially enhanced teaching, tools are provided to all who register to actively participate, including at least one tool per major learning areas:

Interested? I’ll see you there!

Event web site:

Sign-up available on this page:

Town Hall participation gateway:


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