Just thinking…

As I read over my most recent post, I realized how little it had to do with the actual writing process. And yet, as I read it, I also thought about the whole idea of stream of consciousness. My training was not in writing per se. So what drew me to want to write–and share my thoughts and feelings with the rest of the world? 

More to ponder and more thoughts and feelings to share at another time…

About DrEMiller

Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). Home: Sint Maarten. K-12 teacher for 13 years (Special Education for 10 years); Post-secondary educator since 2002; Education consulting since 1995. When teaching, held teaching certificates in K-12 special education, reading specialist; and secondary social studies. Doctorate: Educational Psychology Programmer/analyst for 10 years, including project management and training of corporate execs.
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