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“Fahrenheit 451” 60 Years Later: “Why do we need the things in books?”

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“Sometimes writers write about a world that does not yet exist,” Neil Gaiman begins his Introduction to the 60th Anniversary Edition of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451: This is a book of warning. It…

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Independent Publishers – Outsource Your Marketing to Save Yourself Time

Are you serious about e-publishing your article or book? You will want a “marketing guy” (or gal) to get you noticed. And you want to exchange information with other writers/bloggers. Get som great tops from Don, starting with the link … Continue reading

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Birth of a Genre

Originally posted on Write of Passage:
Keep March 1, 2015, open.  There is something new and wonderful arising on that day. Much time has passed since I’ve sat at my computer or iPad or smartphone to post words that will…

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If I Were a Real Writer…

If I were a real writer, I would be writing every day. No, I would be writing dozens of times each day.  I don’t.  Write each day, that is.  I write when a) the mood strikes me; b) I have something … Continue reading

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