Kindle Publishing: A Diary–Day 1 Getting started

Dear Diary,

So the other day I came across a self-published book in the Kindle Store titled The 4-Hour Publisher: Write a Series for Kindle by Suzanna Stinnett. And I’m going to try to follow this book step by step.

Right near the beginning–at Hour 1–she suggests starting with something that’s about 5,000 words. Now, I don’t know about you, but it could take me 4 hours just to write a single page, which is roughly 250 words. So I know this is going to be a longer process than just 4 hours. I mean, if I had stuff I was ready to share, I would have published it already, right? So, I’m going to have to start from scratch, and keep you informed of how I’m doing.

Then, I’m going to take another of the book’s suggestions and take the whole shebang and publish it. But I’m not up to that point yet. Or maybe I am but don’t know it yet. Hmmm. I’m having a bit of trouble following this e-book. I mean, the grammar and spelling seem fine, but I can’t help wondering why that professional editor the book strongly recommends didn’t help with the organization. So far, this piece jumps around all over the place. Wonder if it has anything to do with trying to cram as much into that first 10 percent of the book that ends up as the preview–the free sample that Amazon lets you download to your Kindle before you decide whether to buy the book. And was that what sold me on paying $2.99? Hopefully, it’s only the first 10% that’s a problem. Or maybe my brain is frozen…

Well, I’ve got to get started on that 5,000-word fit-to-publish document.



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  1. Amy D says:

    I recently read an article about this same topic. Here’s the link:
    If it doesn’t work, let me know!

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