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What’s All This Writing 101 Stuff?!?

Hi, Followers and Fellow Bloggers! If you have read posts on this site in the past, you are probably wondering what all this Day X, Assignment, Writing101 stuff is, and why it’s on this education issues site.  And the answer is: … Continue reading

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Day 8: Writing 101 No Adverbs Allowed in this Descriptive Essay on Observations

I didn’t see what was going on. I was in the studio sketching with oil paints for the first time. The room is large, open, and has windows on three sides to optimize light within an old French-side building with a … Continue reading

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Day 10: Writing 101–Happy [special occasion]

Growing up holds the best and the worst of life–at least as viewed from a very young age.  The good memories from childhood may make any bad memories dim by comparison. I can’t remember a birthday or other celebration when … Continue reading

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Day 9 Writing 101: Point of View

A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench.  The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater.  The man begins to cry… Melinda Melinda stops dead in … Continue reading

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Speak Up News – April 2015

Originally posted on Virtual School Meanderings:
Also from Monday’s inbox… Like  Tweet  Pin  +1 Speak Up News – April 2015 Happy April! We are excited to release our Speak Up 2014 student data at our first Congressional Briefing later this…

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Day 7 of Writing 101: The Meaning of Artistic Media

Drawing and Writing are hotly debating their differences at the local Starbucks. Drawing brought her iPad, with its various art apps, and her electronic pen; Writing has his Surface Pro before him, with its magical keyboard.  Each device shows an interpretation … Continue reading

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Will the Real Alice Please Stand Up?

Sometimes you learn a lot of interesting things about people whom you have met in passing previously, but for one reason or another have never fully engaged in conversation.  The conversation is when you get to know people—the topic of … Continue reading

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The Letter — Writing 101 Assignment 5

Something leaned on my sneaker–a letter. I picked it up. No stamp. Continue reading

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Serially Lost: Part 1 of 3–Writing 101 Assignment 4

Today’s Writing 101 assignment is to write about loss, with a “twist” of making it the first of a series of three pieces.  The only requirement of the loss is that it was once part of my life but is … Continue reading

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Writing 101: Day 3 … a day late #writing101

Almost all music is important to me, and many pieces flood my being with multiple echos of relationships, places, individuals who have passed through my life… For the first time in a long time, I could not even begin to conceive how to start, where to start, when to start, and what to express. Continue reading

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