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It’s been over a week since I posted anything to this site.  I had finally made the decision to transform this into a “how I’m learning to write” site, and then I got overwhelmed with too many things to finish … Continue reading

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Yesterday morning, I re-read Monday’s post, and found myself very embarrassed by the grammar errors it contained.  Since this site has developed into a “how I am learning to write” blog, I am particularly disappointed in myself. So here is one point … Continue reading

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Toy Story: Blogging 101 Day 11

Today’s post is based on the Blogging 101, Day 11 assignment, which directs me to got to the front page of WordPress’ Daily Post and work with today’s daily prompt or select another one.  For today, June 22, the prompt is called … Continue reading

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Re-Write of SOC-Part 2: The Final Version

SOC re-write Introductory comments It is not that I haven’t been able to re-write the Stream of Consciousness (SOC) into a viable post; it’s that I have not been able to do much of anything during the past week. So … Continue reading

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Blogging 101, Day 4: Audience and Focus Post–Stream of Consciousness, Take 2

“Today’s assignment for Blogging 101 is particularly appropriate for the regular followers of this blog on how I’m learning to improve my own writing. ” Continue reading

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Blogging101, Day 1: Introduce Myself

In introducing myself, I should provide new readers with a context for my blog–what’s it about, why you should read it.  The purpose is to focus my ideas about my blog and what I’d like to do with it.  Suggestions … Continue reading

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Confessions About the Stream-of-Consciousness Re-write

I confess.  It is impossible for me to turn that stream of consciousness blog draft int1) o anything that wouldn’t 1) sound whiny about my physical state, and 2) turn into an advertisement about my new business.  If anyone wants to … Continue reading

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Wendy Lecker: The Hoax of Turnaround Schools

Originally posted on Diane Ravitch's blog:
Wendy Lecker,civil rights attorney,says that claims made on behalf of school turnarounds—firing the staff and leaders—are usually inflated or false. “With their narrow focus on test scores, disruption and structural changes, such as…

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