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Another Day…

It’s just another day…when the weather smothers the immediate world like a heavy, damp, itchy wool blanket. Breathing is hard; limbs refuse to move; mind floats just out of reach on wavy heated layers of air. The enveloping wetness smells … Continue reading

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Intro to Poetry: Day 5–Imperfect, Limerick

Day 5 of Intro to Poetry has me writing a poem on the subject “imperfect.” It’s a topic about which I can generate tomes. The “try it” format is the limerick. My decision is to write about the current foci … Continue reading

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Intro to Poetry: Day 2

Poetry is hard work. I’ve successfully avoided writing poems most of my life. But to improve my writing, I need to paint word pictures. No one in the world does so better than a true poet. I don’t expect to … Continue reading

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Using Poetry with ESL Students?

Do you love poetry? If so, who influenced your love of it? For me, it was my father who first taught me that poetry could just mean–to him, it simply was. Since poetry involves simile and metaphore, the words matter … Continue reading

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