Repost: “Behaviour Mgmt & Ignoring Individual issues”

Since the area of behavior management in class is one of my specialties, I decided to share this teacher/blogger’s thoughts. One quote near the beginning caught my eye:

One of the things I struggled with (yet somewhat enjoyed, lol) was the disruptive behaviours of some students and figuring out how to deal with them.

This is something every new teacher deals with. The answers may come from mentors, but the real issue with classroom management is knowing your educationally-appropriate theories and models, and applying them to individual students or class. If one idea doesn’t work, try something else from your repertoire of knowledge.

The key is to talk frankly with the individuals and students to come up with workable solutions. Students have always been the guiding lights in my class management, specifically with behavior problems. I have addressed this issue in this blog as well as in my teacher/instructor specific blog, .

Click over to this post from a pre-service teacher and see what you think!

Behaviour Mgmt & Ignoring Individual issues.

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