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Day 26 of One Zentangle a Day. Today’s tangles are…well, they are uninspiring. One (Poke Leaf) I picked up from an ebook a while back and have been using ever since; the other (Growth) is the author’s creation and uncomfortable to … Continue reading

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Mini Tiles and Their Uses

Such a prosaic title! It’s Day 20 in One Zentangle a Day, and I can’t think of a way to get one of the new patterns to work into a tile.  Ever since the preface to Chapter 2 (Day 8), … Continue reading

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The Day 18 topic in One Zentangle a Day was curvilinear geometric patterns, featuring Gneiss, Cadent, and Huggins as the daily tangles. For Day 19, the topic is geometric rectilinear patterns, and features Rain, Cubine, and Beeline. The latter two are … Continue reading

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Turn 45 Degrees…

After botching up several attempts at Day 18 in One Zentangle a Day, I decided to change my perspective. So, I started by turning my tile 45 degrees. Instantly, I got an idea to do something a little different with … Continue reading

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Transitions On My Mind

All day today–especially while doing my newest Zentangle–my mind has been on transitions. Part of that may be due to the topic of transitions covered in a recent One Zentangle a Day lesson; part may be from having had far too many … Continue reading

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Trying New Things

This is a means of communication. No words, no great creativity. But I got some new toys and wanted to share the joy of something new. Oh, and to figure out what this doodle might be communicating.  For several weeks, … Continue reading

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